Moves Me

By Diana Kramer

What moves me artistically?  For those of you who know me or have seen me, I’m sure you realize it isn’t difficult to move me, particularly to tears.  The landscape the Lord created for us to gaze upon every day, moves me to awe, and it inspires me, and it somehow reminds me of what is possible, and of course to be grateful.  That is an awful lot of MOVEment it seems to me.

Growing up here in Denver, I learned that the mountains are to the west, and I could always orient myself that way.  It is comforting to know that God’s landscape is unchanging…well I guess God’s landscape really does change, it just does it so slowly that we would never notice.  Hmmm, what can we learn from that?

God’s landscape is elemental too isn’t it?  Fire, water, air and land.  We all identify with these elements, and they provide for so much more than mere aesthetic enjoyment.  The ground, as in “being moved to be grounded”.  “Being moved to tears”, and there is your water.  To “light a fire under us”, is in fact being moved to action, which we all need every once in a while.   The air we breathe is what fuels everything on this earth, so that there can be movement.

I love photography, and what better way to capture God’s landscape?  Photos in general move me to memories and those memories are my life and therefore me.  Photos also help me to visually learn about others, and therefore orient myself in this world God placed me in.

As I drive through the landscape, what better accompaniment than music.  I love all kinds of music.  It moves me to tears, but also to action.  This beautiful landscape God has given us is best enjoyed when using all of our senses.

There, I think I covered everything

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One comment on “Moves Me

  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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