The Imago Dei

by Eugene Scott

What most moves me closer to God? People. Their lives, their stories, the beautiful and the ugly. The hilarious. The imago dei. God’s image in each of us, even in its current tarnished state. Without this human element (our stories), art and poetry and music and theology and all we see in the world is detached reality too abstract to touch the heart. I struggle to define love and commitment and pain and joy.

Then I see a tear on a face and I know the reality of pain; or in a toothy smile or raucous laugh, I recognize elusive joy. In two friends speaking close, I see love.

This is one reason God chose to Incarnate Himself in flesh, in Jesus. Because we can see and understand and know God better even seen through the sometimes dirty and distorted lens of our own human eyes.

This video of our recent TNC mission trip to Guatemala moves me then because of the images of God in us it contains. As you watch, see if you catch a glimpse of Him.


5 comments on “The Imago Dei

  1. Hey all, sorry the video isn’t working. We’ll try and get that working ASAP.

  2. deeds926 says:

    It won’t go for me.

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