The Hammer Holds

By Dee Dee Scott

I learned of Bebo Norman and his music in 2003.  For the next few years, many of his songs spoke to me more than any other artist.  This song was one that touched me deeply.  I had just lost my job, my daughter was very sick and in the hospital, both my father and mother-in law had recently passed away.  I was hurting, in more ways that I could count.  

I was wondering what my purpose was, how could I hold on? How do I grieve the loss of my parents? How do I help my daughter?  Why became a question deep in my soul.
This song didn’t give me any answers, to why all of this happened at once, but the truth that the lyrics spoke gave me hope.

“My dreams are not the issue here, but they the hammer holds.”  God redeems all, works through all, and he has  purposes that I cannot see, nor understand.  If he can bring beauty through the nails that hung Jesus on the cross, certainly he can bring beauty to all that weighed so heavily on my heart in September of 2003.

3 comments on “The Hammer Holds

  1. Heather Herman says:

    I love this song so much, Dee Dee….it’s been a personal favorite of mine for years, as well. Thanks for sharing~

  2. Love you and Love our Faithful Father!

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