Dream Big

By Andrew Weygandt
Here I stood in a small village in Ghana.  We were finishing up a six-week missions trip involving evangelism, preaching, counseling, and just loving people.  We got connected with some missionary doctors who were going to give medicine to a local village.  Once we got there, the prescriptions were frighteningly simple to give.  A fever meant Malaria.  Stomach and heart problems meant worms.  Everyone else got basic vitamins, and that was all the doctors could offer.
After people made their way through the medicine line they would come to a ramshackle shelter where four of us sat waiting on couches.  We prayed with these people and for their health, and they needed it.  Spiritual health, mental health, physical health, and emotional health were all in short supply.  It’s not that we had a whole lot of answers offer the Ghanaian people.  We couldn’t make them healthy.  We could only be alongside them.
Soon, this quiet boy came into the prayer hut.  I don’t think he even knows what his shirt says, or that he’d get made fun of in America for wearing girly colors with hearts and stars on them.  Sometimes Jesus has a way of getting in our way, so you can’t just ignore Him.  I tripped over Jesus in this moment.
What does the picture say to you?  It challenges me, and it continues to.  “Dream big!” it says.  The world needs bigger dreams.  This boy needs a person willing to dream a big dream, one big enough to include him.  How many of our dreams are too small for this boy?  How many of my dreams are too small?  God challenges me here.  I can’t solve every problem, but I must wake up to them.  The world is not as it should be, and God’s Kingdom is already breaking in.  It is coming here and now.  I want to pray along with Jesus, “Your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
Amen to that.

One comment on “Dream Big

  1. I think a lot of us are afraid to dream in the first place. This picture is a great reminder to dream, and not just ream, but dream big. I bet this kid has big dreams and if we were to match them up against our own I wonder what we would hear about our own dreams.

    This picture tells me that everyone dreams and each matter to God.

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