By John P. Moyer MD

I am an outdoors person, love the foothills, mountains, and plains.

Over the past 30-plus years I have trekked many miles looking for special evidence of the Creator’s majesty in His plant engineering and the aesthetic beauty they provide.

Soon a small gem of a flower will pop through the snow-covered earth announcing spring has arrived. I choose the Pasque flower for obvious reasons. It is uniquely beautiful and has many special features that marvel the botanist, the naturalist, and me as a believer in God’s majestic plan.

The Pasque flower, or Easter flower, has many shades of blue, purple, white, yellow, and grey symbolic of His royalty, new creation, brightness, and purity.

Find these harbingers of spring. Sit down next to them and marvel at the Lord’s wisdom and design!


3 comments on “Pulsatilla

  1. I loved reading this and appreciating the flower’s beauty. Thank you John!

  2. John Moyer says:

    I can think of only one native plant here in Colorado that “beats out” the pasque flower; that the Easter Daisey and that is the Townsendia.
    I find them near the trailhead of Mount Falcon, lower trail. Will report if I find them!

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