God as the Roots

By Heather Young

I am not a photographer, but I love photos! This is one of my favorites that was taken in Olympic National Park in 2009. When I look at the beauty of the tree, it reminds me of God’s beauty and goodness reflected in creation. Symbolically, I think of God as the roots in my life, similar to the roots of a tree. When storms rage, I am not sheltered from the wind and will often shake in the trials. However, I can remain strong and stand tall with God as my roots, holding me me in place and keeping me from falling.


5 comments on “God as the Roots

  1. Tania Smith says:

    I love trees as a subject and this is a beautiful shot with the light shining through the leaves!

  2. Heather: The light in this is beautiful. I really like how it has a layered feel. 3D maybe. Also, I can see the roots you are talking about in the spread of the branches. They say many trees have a root system similar to their branches. I wonder if that is true for us too. The strength of our physical body reflects the strength of our spiritual roots? Thanks for a thought provoking post.

  3. Heather, thanks for the awesome post and a good thought. I love the lines:
    “I am not sheltered from the wind and will often shake in the trials. However, I can remain strong and stand tall with God as my roots.”
    I might have to steal that metaphor someday… or at least remember it on a tough day.

  4. Rob Honcoop says:

    In YouVersion.com – ‘Lent For Everyone’ Day 8
    NT [Tom] Wright share a devotional on Matthew 7, and in verse 17 through 19 he shares about trees.

    ‘When Jesus uses the image of the tree, he is drawing, as so often, on an ancient biblical picture. The first Psalm speaks of God’s true people like trees planted by streams of water, which will produce fruit at the right time, while the wicked are like chaff blown around by the wind. Jeremiah develops this picture (17.8), thinking of the tree that sends out its roots to look for the water it needs. Lent is a time when we should be doing that: sending out our roots to look for the water of life.’
    ‘The challenge is to become, ourselves, trees that bear good fruit, people who not only say ‘Lord, Lord’ when it suits us, but who apply ourselves to the much harder task of discerning and doing God’s will.’

    Matthew 7: 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

  5. gundam says:

    thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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