What moves you?

Is it a painting, some poetry, a short story, a video, a song, or some other piece of artistic expression?

On Ash Wednesday (February 22), we’re launching Pascha, our Lenten blog. Every weekday for the next six weeks, we’ll be exploring devotional art pieces in order to open ourselves up to God during Lent. We need you to submit a piece of artistic work along with a short reflection related to it. They can be classic pieces of art or something you have created yourself. The reflections are meant to be devotional in nature and talk about how this art piece intersects with life and faith. You can email us your artwork and reflections by clicking ‘Submit a Reflection‘ in the top menu.

If you have any questions or comments, then contact Andrew Weygandt at andrew.weygandt@gmail.com.


One comment on “What moves you?

  1. Rose Smith says:

    Every since I can remember I have drawn pictures of trees barren no leaves but I always give my barren tree lots of roots. My daughter who is going to be 25 this year I found out through spending a day with her last year in the early part of spring where here in the Ozarks things are still barren- she took her camera and we spent the entire day of her taking photos of dead looking trees, my mind wondered why her facination with dead trees she could not explain it she only knew that she was drawn to them. I have doodled all my life while on the phone whereever I might be when bored but my picture is always the same a barren tree with lots of roots. Odd well today I read you post and to think about it I guess that tree to me represents each one of us we are all barren and empty lifeless but our roots go deep into the earth always seeking that which gives us life- water. Then comes spring when that tree comes to life. Like the resurrection of Christ when we are tapped into God,
    Though we fall and fail and often seem to lose our glory Christ is always there waiting to renew us to restore that which we so sadly throw away wether it be time spent on meaningless jobs, T.V. shows that some people have to have it seems to get them through the days, :Like the show Idol I have yet to watch that show but see on FB so many that are so wrapped up in it or Football, Honestly I didn’t know who Tibow was until I googled him and was exicted about this mans testimony. We all have Idols in our life of one type or another we just don’t realize it may be our own children or a spouse of even the church itself. But hopefully we seek God and ask Him to show us the error of our ways, May we be rooted in Him and His word and be found worthy when He calls us home.

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