Grey Saturday: Waiting for Communion

Waiting for Communion

The house is silent

Like the hearts of those

Who saw Him hung

And the stone rolled over

In gray morning light

 I remember the last night

We gathered round

A table piled high

With bread and wine

And hope

I sit and wait

For life to stir

His voice to fill the room

And touch my fearful heart

By Eugene C. Scott

A Celtic Prayer of Waiting

Though I am poor…
though I am weak…
though anxious of heart…
tried as I am…
though [the way] may be hidden…
though the night is here…
though you be silent now…


The Hope of the World

By Michael Klassen

“Imagine Jesus crucified in your arms and on your chest, and say a hundred times as you kiss His chest, ‘This is my hope, the living source of my happiness; this is the heart of my soul; nothing will ever separate me from His love.'” St. Padre Pio Continue reading

I Will Follow

By Emmy Michelle Scott

There is a village tucked away in the mountains of Guatemala named, Yulmacap. The Guatemalan’s in Yulmacap do not speak spanish. They speak a Mayan dialect, Q’anjobal. They all wear traditional Mayan garb and are so secluded that hardly anyone ever leaves the village. It is beautiful, so I completely understand why no one leaves.  The mountains shoot straight up and the deep blues of the sky splash against them like a water painting. A dirt road winds down the mountain into the village. You can feel the breath of God in the atmosphere. Continue reading

The Great Metamorphosis

By Andrew Weygandt

How are ugly things made beautiful?  An awkward bird spends his whole life teased and tormented for being so hideous, and then one morning the ugly duckling wakes up to find himself a swan.  Such stories intrigue me.  They contain some special element that moves me.  There is a great metamorphosis and suddenly everything is made right.  Put it however you like:  the ugly is made beautiful, the useless finds purpose, or fate turns to fortune.  Somehow this dramatic twist catches my heart’s desire. Continue reading


By Steve DeOrio
‘Shit happens’ Sorry for the vulgar word but there is really no other way to put it. I could probably find a way to say this more eloquently or proper but in the end this is what it is paired down to.
This drawing was a product of that iconic saying. We all get hurt, we all fall down, we get defeated, we get what we don’t deserve. We never ask for this. But.. #*it happens. Now what? Continue reading